Worth Will Protect Her More Than Your Hands

 September 28, 2020

By  Jonathan Biles

Do you know your worth? What about your daughter’s? Teaching her the greatness of her worth could save her life and the life of others. This morning my thoughts are on the hearts of our young women and the dangers they face each morning when they choose to fight another day.

As you may know, Jess is a Pure Romance Consultant and she is privileged to help women all over the country heal from sexual wounds and repair potentially broken relationships. While keeping things anonymous, she will tell me stories of broken hearts and wounds almost beyond repair. The majority of the time, she is with, or has experience with, a man that doesn’t know how to treat her properly, but often I wonder, “Do they know their worth?”

Who sets your worth?

Whether you believe you are a child of God or not, the simple fact is that all human life has value. Yes, even the broken criminal in the worst prison has value. For the average person, our worth is typically determined by the influences throughout our childhood. A child from an abusive home often deals with depression and self-hate because they were brought up to think they are a waste of space.

On the contrast, a child brought up in a home that centers their life around their children often have an mis-proportionate outlook on their worth relative to the worth of others. So where is the balance? Both of those extremes create an image of worth that can be detrimental to our society as a whole. The balance comes in truth and not lies. But if we don’t understand the truth, then we will not be able to impart this on our children.

Regain her value

I read this morning in The Artist’s Way that most of us experience pain and grief through our lives and we have a tendency to allow those experiences shape our life instead of the positive experiences. Truth lies in the awareness of all our life experiences. As parents, if we only focus on our child’s mistakes, they will constantly feel like failures. Contrary, if we only focus on their successes, we will build this false reality of constant success.

As a father of two beautiful daughters, I must take this one step further. Not only do I have to balance the lessons learned from their success and failures, but also the image they see of how I value women in general. We have a saying in our house that Jess is the Queen of the house. Not in a negative way, but in the way that they see their dad treat their mom as royalty.

But it doesn’t stop there. Our mouths are powerful weapons. It is vital to the ears of my daughters that I don’t devalue women in general. Whether the female is on television or a cashier at our grocery store, the way we speak about women has profound impact on the self-worth our daughters create in their own minds. I challenge you gentlemen to be more aware of the words that come out of your mouth and the actions toward your spouse. Children really do see every action we take and hear every word we speak.

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