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Why is the Only Place to Start

 June 29, 2020

By  Jonathan Biles

Now it is time to really get into the meat of this book. In chapter 3 of Start With Why by Simon Sinek, we start to learn on why we need to focus on why. As a father, one of my measures of success is in the actions my children take as they grow older.

In the image, you see Emily reading the Bible. We have never, and maybe we should, outright told her that reading the Bible was a good way for her to become a better woman of God. What we have done, however, is lead by example. Both Jess and I have a morning routine where we read from the Bible. We do this not out of obligation, but in constant pursuit of our why.

So what is the Golden Circle

In this chapter, Sinek discusses several examples of companies that have not conveyed their why to their target market and cites this is the reason their what only lasts a short period of time. He states that while companies have success with bringing to market wonderful products that sell well, most, if not all, of the time, these companies don’t outlast the competition.

It is in our why that our clients and future customers grasp on to in order to have true loyalty. In the entrepreneur world, we hear it this way, “People don’t buy your products, they buy you.” Sinek proposes that this is why we must start with our why before moving to our what and how. Companies that do this, outlast competition or drastic market fluctuations.

Real life application of your why

Being that I am a small business owner and entrepreneur, this struck a major lightbulb for me. In my other business, Client Centered Solutions and Empowerment, our why is to help small business compete with large corporations despite the marketplace hurdles. Our website, however, said nothing of the like. We bragged about low costs and solutions, but it all sounds like a gimmick without a why.

We pivoted and for several weeks sought to find why we are in business, and no, making money wasn’t a good enough reason. After changing our platform, we are able to help others with the same what, but now, they don’t care about our what. Our clients have become loyal to our brand because they know at the heart of everything, we only care about their success.

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