The Love Dare

What is Agape Love Anyway

 October 16, 2020

By  Jonathan Biles

Love Dare Day 9: March 26, 2020

I was thinking about yesterday’s post and task more last night and I am thinking that maybe this is the heart of the problem with Love in our society. Let’s think about it for a second.

When was the last time that you did something for someone you love and they did not reciprocate?

Did you give a good Christmas present while receiving a less-desired gift?

Did you put an event together like a birthday party only to see them less enthused about who showed up?

Did you put a well-prepared meal on the table for your family only to receive turned up noses and a hungry family?

I know I have.

That feeling inside is less than desirable. When love is not translated back or reciprocated, it stings a little. The question I am proposing here is should it?

I think through this journey we will learn.

What is Love Dare Day 9 about:

Ok, it is time to get a haircut, polish up those shoes and iron your shirt!

Today is all about making good impressions.

When I met Jess for the first time I had two first impressions. At the time she was dating a friend of mine, so I already knew a little about her, but I had never met her. I invited her boyfriend and her on a double date to watch one of our favorite shows together, Lost.

She walked into my apartment and closed the door behind her. I looked up and noticed that she has a nice butt. To this day, I still like her butt. 

Too much? 

Sorry it is true. 

The second thing that left a lasting impression on me that day was how sweet she was. I don’t think it was an act either. There was something so gentle to her movements and her presence in general that filled the room with a sweet aroma.

“Love makes good impressions,” let’s see what this chapter is really about.

What do I think about the material:

I really liked this chapter. (Have I said that every time?)

It begins by stating that you can tell the status of a couple’s relationship based on how they greet each other. I find this very interesting as I like to watch people engage with each other and guess at how well they know each other or how they feel about each other.

I am going to watch this…

Separate from the normal challenge at the end of the chapter the author recommends that each greeting we have with people we care about should last more than 5 seconds. It will tell them that we truly care about them and we are not just greeting them out of custom, formality or habit.

We are with our spouse or significant other because at some point, hopefully still, we enjoyed their presence. Engaging with them brought us joy.

Do they still bring us joy?

Do we show it to them in our interactions with them?

I think something that I lose sight of when Jess and I are dealing with stressful situations is that the situation does not reflect on the status of our relationship. So what I need to do is ensure I don’t let it affect the way I treat her.

I liked this chapter.

What was my task and how did I perform the task:

Today’s task was to greet your significant other with a smile and enthusiasm and try to greet them differently every day.

I like this challenge.

“Greeting” my wife these days is difficult because we are always around each other. Since we are not supposed to go in the public right now it made this challenge more difficult.

What I decided to do was to find a moment where we were not in the same room together for a bit. I waited until she walked into the room I was working in and stopped what I was doing and watched her.

Not in a creepy way, but in a loving way with a look of appreciation. 

What was Jessica’s reaction:

She noticed that I stopped working and focused on her presence. I think she may have been a little shy at the moment because I gave her all my attention.

She said “what?”

“Nothing, just looking at you.”

“Okay, weirdo.”

That pretty much sums it up, but I think she liked it.

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