The Love Dare

Vow to a Covenant, Not Sign a Contract

 October 18, 2020

By  Jonathan Biles

Love Dare Day 40: April 29, 2020

What is Day 29 about:

Have you ever wondered why we vow at a wedding ceremony and not just sign a contract to seal the deal? What’s the difference anyway?

In the last chapter of The Love Dare, congratulations by the way, it discusses why we make a covenant to our spouse and not just a promise to be good or sign a contract.

What do I think about the material:

Some might think this is just a play on words, but I think there is a huge difference between a covenant between two people and a contract. This chapter backs me up on this topic. It challenges us to embrace our marriage as a covenant and not a contract, but why?

In business we sign a contract as a promise to perform certain obligations. And on a side note, always make sure this happens. A recent business transaction burned me because I didn’t require a contract. Sign a contract if asked, you shouldn’t take it personally either. A contract protects the other person if you fail, not to make sure you perform your job.

In marriage, however, we vow to love someone regardless of the circumstances. Therefore, love ensures the other person is satisfied. “Bold” you may say. I would say not. Our society twists the word love to a large degree. We think reciprocation is a requirement when we love someone.

Love is a selfless act. We are to give love without the expectation of receiving love back. This is the exact definition of a covenant. A covenant is a vow to someone to say you will do certain things without expecting anything in return. Required reciprocation is a topic I will cover in a future blog. Just because you wake up every morning next to the same person for the rest of your life, doesn’t mean they must to love you.

I will take it one more step. Even if every breath you take is out of love for that person, reciprocation of your love is not a requirement. I know, tough words for this morning, but love is selfless, not selfish. But, here is the magic. God didn’t create such a device without loving us too.

Love is a funny thing that when you are showing love without concern for your own needs, the person you are loving will start to love you. It is more contagious than any virus out there. Yes, I just made a virus reference during a pandemic.

The last point this book makes is that people break promises all the time. People break promises because they are can life with the repercussions of not following through. When people vow to make a covenant, it is actually painful when it falls apart. Both parties lose a piece of themselves. A covenant is designed to combine the best parts of both parties.

My task and how did I perform the task:

The last task of this book asks us to write out a renewal of our vows and place them in our home where we can see them. After Jess and I got married, our honeymoon phase was quite an adventure. This too I will post about in the coming days. But, long story short, we lost our vows.

We also had a videographer film our wedding, but couldn’t afford the edition, so we have 12 plus hours of raw footage from 3 cameras of our wedding. This is the only place I know to find our vows and it will inspire me to complete this dare.

Jessica’s reaction:

Her reaction will be down the road. I will update the blog when I complete the challenge.

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