The Love Dare

Uncomfortable Times Ahead: Standby

 October 18, 2020

By  Jonathan Biles

Love Dare Day 37: April 26, 2020

What is Day 26 about:

I have to admit. This chapter is always uncomfortable to me, but I honestly can’t figure out why. I will charge ahead regardless. This chapter is all about praying with your spouse, even if it is awkward in the beginning.

What do I think about the material:

Jess and I both have our separate morning routines. This is a journey over the past month has gotten stronger and I am confident we will stick to it. However, we pray individually and this chapter challenges that notion.

It says that God created marriage to not only to give us a mate for life, but also to give us a prayer partner. The 2 previous times I read this chapter I missed that statement. Countless times I have sought out a Christian who I can be accountable to to make sure I am praying every day, and I missed the obvious choice, even if it might feel uncomfortable at first.

Jesus promises to show up when two are gathered in his name. Why can’t the second person be the closest person to my heart? The chapter also talks about how we treat prayer in our lives. Most, if we are being honest, struggle with praying “without ceasing.” That feels like an impossible task.

What if I told you it wasn’t.

I honestly believe when Paul said that he meant exactly what this chapter is talking about. Prayer should be our automatic response to life events. No, I am not saying if someone cuts you off that you pull over, get on your knees on the side of the road and pray for the driver. But why not say a quick prayer like, “Lord, help that person’s driving ability so they don’t kill someone.”

Remember, prayer is simply talking to God. Keeping that line of communication is vital to our survival as Christians. Also, counselors, Christian or not, will tell you when you vocalize your stress you release a bit of tension. It is such a good habit and I plan to work on this more.

My task and how did I perform the task:

The task for today is to ask your spouse if you can start praying together. If they refuse, then resolve to make it a daily habit for yourself. My plan for this day was to start praying with Jess every night. Due to some other situations, we were not able to have this conversation. I will accomplish it the next evening and update this post tomorrow.

Jessica’s reaction:

Standby…I bet it will be uncomfortable.


I was so right. It is so funny how even broaching the subject is uncomfortable. We laughed about how ridiculous it is that we both pray every day, but to pray together it felt vulnerable. We decided we will pray each night before the kids go to bed. We can pray as a family and that will help ease the awkwardness.

So last night, we forgot. In our defense I am fighting some migraines with my back situation. But then, as if God was reminding us, we had an opportunity to pray. Emily came to our room later in the night afraid of the COVID-19 situation. We talked her down and decided we would pray together to help her get a good night’s sleep.

It was nice.

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