Too Much Communication to Eat

 September 14, 2020

By  Jonathan Biles

For a large part of my life, I lived by the motto that anything worth doing is worth doing well. Even with its origin unknown to me, I found it a good motto to live by. Like many things that I do, I tend to take this a little too literal and it creates stress when I should learn to relax a little, but never-the-less, it is what I do. This is no different in communication.

In the spirit of trying my best, when I became a father I didn’t shy away from this idea. Those that know me are aware that for about 9 years I was a hard working single father until I met my phenomenal wife.
Always determined to be the best dad I could ever be, regardless of the circumstance or assistance.
I am human and I will be the first to admit that I have failed so many times at being the perfect father and husband, but I have always worked on becoming better.

Communication is key!

One particular aspect that I find incredibly important is in the way we communicate with our children. Our children range in ages 3 to 18 and each have their own challenges when it comes to communication. Exactly what they want and how they receive information is different with each one.
Yesterday, I witnessed another parent struggling with this exact problem. Not to embarrass the mother, as that is not the intent, I will keep the details vague.
A mother and daughter, 4-5 years old, found themselves waiting for one of their siblings in an un-entertaining situation . As parents we often find ourselves in these situations and technology has become a go-to source solution.

In this case, that was not a viable solution as the mother had no internet service. She explains to her child by using words like “wifi,” “download,” and “internet” that things are not going to work. This results in frustration for both mother and child.
They were not able to communicate to each other affectively. They were not mad at the situation, but they were mad at each other.
I understand most parents have their own style of discipline and dealing with tantrums. However, one universal truth is that if we don’t speak to our children in their language, we will all end up frustrated.

What about God?

Ever wonder why in the Bible the God of the Old Testament has different communication styles from the God of the New Testament?
The simple fact is that the message is no different, but the people have changed dramatically.
Let’s take Deuteronomy 8 for example. Moses explains to his people why they wandered in the desert for 40 years. He says that God allowed them to become physically dependent on the Mana from Heaven to show that they can’t live on just their own abilities, but they must learn to depend on God.
Fast forward hundreds of years and the people of Israel have become dependent on their own laws and provisions. Jesus references this passage from Deuteronomy during his temptation in the desert.
I believe he was talking about the message he was about to deliver to all the Pharisees and the rest of the world.

Where do I stand?

I wonder if I lived in those times, would I be one of the believers of the message of Christ?
Would I be one of the doubters and join the disbelievers and persecute those with the message?
Have I been living too much on the bread that I produce to be open enough to hearing God’s word?
Several years ago I must admit I was not in a good place to hear from God. I was successful in my job and my family was prospering while we were on the path to success.

In the effort to self improve, my wife and I recognized our folly and decided to listen and respond. This is why I publish! To no surprise, we heard from God and he spoke in a way we could hear. Since then, we have worked hard not to stuff ourselves so much in our own accomplishments that we are able to depend on the daily word of God.

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Jonathan Biles

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