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Tongue is a Little Member But Oh So Powerful

 July 16, 2020

By  Jonathan Biles

I believe your mind is the most powerful part of our body, but when it comes to impacting others, the mind is no match for the tongue. Have you ever been impacted by someone else’s tongue? Maybe for the better or maybe for the worse, but the fact is we have all been impacted by another’s tongue.

As a writer, I often stress about how the words I publish will impact those who read them. When I left my corporate job, my fear was not of failure, but of success. What would happen if I wrote the wrong thing and it changed a life for the wrong path. But then I remind myself, these are not my words.

A sharp tongue can be a gentle comfort

Just like James ended chapter 2, his poetry continues through chapter 3. James talks about how small but powerful the tongue is. He says even though it is tiny, it can accomplish great things. He states that man has been able to tame every creature of this world, but he isn’t able to tame his own tongue.

That is such an interesting idea to me. We can tame things of this world, but we struggle to even control the words that come out of our mouth. I believe this is even true in the strongest Christians today. I am confident that Satan’s last ditch effort in the lives of purely holy men is in the words they say. But no pressure right? Paul says in his letters that he are to take charge of every word that comes out of our mouth.

Real life application

I don’t know much about James, but from a writer’s perspective, I admire his poetry as he concludes chapter 3. Not only that, but he puts in real practical terms how we are to use the amazing tool that is our tongue. He says to use the wisdom from God and first make sure what we say is pure. Then, we are to be peaceable, gentle, easy on the ears, full of mercy and giving, and without hypocrisy. Try it today. Try to have every word out of your mouth follow these guidelines.

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