Tenacity of a Rooster With His Flock

 September 20, 2020

By  Jonathan Biles

Is tenacity a character trait you have, want, or try to inspire on others? Having 60 plus chickens, I’ve learned more about tenacity than ever before. A little while back, Jess and I came up with the idea that our kids could stat their own business. Our idea is to have them raise hens and sell the eggs at Moscow Famer’s Market.

I love creating and building, so the opportunity and support of Jess sparked me to help the kids launch Biles Kids Biz. I immediately joined Facebook groups to find hens and built their website in less than 24 hours. My creativity sparked and I was determined to make their venture a success.

One lucky day, I found a woman in Asotin, WA who needed to get rid of 40+ hens in 24 hours. With Jess’ approval, very important by the way, I contacted and picked up those hens the next morning. Suddenly our flock went from 4 hens to a respectable flock.

Enough about the business, let’s talk roosters

One of the best decisions we made with our flock is to let them free range. Yes, with free range you have to deal with all the chicken poop, but our Mini Australian Shepherd does a great job of keeping them off the walks and porch. Having the birds free range doesn’t only save us money on feed, but they are so fun to watch.

This morning I witnessed the tenacity of our head rooster. Roosters are vey protective of their selected hens. This morning, one of the head rooster’s hens had strayed about 30 feet away from his “protection.” In turn, another rooster lower in the pecking order decided to mount her and do his thing. Seeing this, the lead rooster took off running and charged the other rooster. He then herded her back to his protection.

It was a fun site to see, but this is not the first encounter of tenacity I’ve seen from these roosters. It is absolutely amazing to see how hard they try at fulfilling their sexual purpose. Just as I typed that last sentence I witnessed another rooster attempt to mount a hen. She wasn’t having it so he found another hen willing to accept him.

The thing with these guys is that nothing stops them from fulfilling their purpose. Being charged by an angry rooster they aren’t knocked down, they will seek out their next hen.

What slows our tenacity?

Personally, this is a huge struggle in my life. Over a year now, I quit Corporate America to pursue a writing career. For one reason or another, the financial side has not proven to be quickly lucrative. My fear of not providing for my family quickly kills my desire to produce for my purpose.

Each day it is a battle that I fight. Recently, my sister-in-law recommended I read The Go-Giver by Bob Burg and John David Mann. I am about 1/3 of the way through the book, but it is basically blowing my mind. I may have to revise my recommended reading list from last week. Today I read about the second value. Basically, the larger circle of influence we have to give to the more money we can make.

Not to make it all about money, but that concept about blew my mind. The more people I can give to, the less I have to worry about money. We are not seeking fortune and fame, but taking care of the necessities without stress would be great.

For me, my fear slows my tenacity. I pray that I will continuously be encouraged to fight ‘The Resistance‘ and help others on their journey in whatever they pursue. If you are struggling with keeping your tenacity alive, shoot me a message or comment. I would love to connect and help each other through this continuous dream pursuing battle.

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Jonathan Biles

Jonathan Biles is a well-respected writer of fiction stories across the globe. He has worked with multiple publishing entities from print newspaper to Amazon Kindle. With a degree from The University of Idaho and print experience with Texas Tech University, he is sought after as a feature writer amongst his peer group. His readers rate him as a 5-star author and has won awards from Columbia University. As an author, he can transport you from daily chaos to worlds and adventures sure to entertain through his vivid imagery.

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