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Stupid is as the Words That Come Out of the Mouth

 August 4, 2020

By  Jonathan Biles

Have you ever stopped and thought about what is it that prevents us from saying something stupid? Some have it and others don’t. But what is it? Sometimes for me it is not at what, but a who. My wife often helps me not say something utterly embarrassing, but again, what is it in her that knows the difference?

We talked in the last blog post about Proverbs that seeking wisdom comes with its own set of rewards. Well in the second half of Proverbs chapter 2, Solomon reiterates that wisdom is on our side through many different forms. Yes, one of those forms is not allowing our tongue to cash checks our butts can’t handle.

What other stupid things does wisdom help us avoid?

Solomon says that the more we seek wisdom, the more we enjoy gaining knowledge. Remember that one guy in class that just loved school? Well, maybe he had more knowledge than we give him credit for. He continues to say that wisdom’s pals like discretion and understanding will help save us from this hard life we endure.

But wisdom doesn’t stop there. Solomon also says that wisdom will help keep us from evil men, false prophets, unrighteous humans, those who are crooked and rejoice in evil, and even from wicked women. God knows in my youth maybe I needed a bit more wisdom to prevent many of my mistakes.

Real life application

So you don’t want to say anything stupid, but the concept of seeking wisdom just sounds a little foreign. Well, you are not alone. Even in our technological age, finding real wisdom can actually be very overwhelming. Don’t worry, I have a solution for you. I have mentioned this before in previous posts because these 3 simple things have dramatically rocked my world.

  1. Write down your prayers in a journal each day and ask for wisdom in what you are about to read.
  2. Read 1 or 2 points from the Bible. Sometimes this can be several chapters, and other times it can be 1 verse.
  3. Read 10 pages of a self-help book.

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