Sleep, but Only After She Sleeps

 September 21, 2020

By  Jonathan Biles

To be a strong man that leads and takes care of your family, sleep is essential. But, when you fall asleep will change everything. Being the head of a household is not a privilege, it is a responsibility. Through the years, we have lost site of this fact. Instead, we place ourselves on this pedestal as the head of the household and often forget the responsibility.

This is not only true in our inner household, but we see this all throughout leadership in our culture. Often, those in power slack on the responsibility portion of their placement and only gleam the fame it brings them. I won’t point out examples as that will only start online fights.

In contrast, some of the most successful CEOs, not just financially but in reputation, practice the art of responsibility. You will never find them sleeping on the job, because they take their position serious and know it is more about people than about money.

What does that have to do with sleep?

In my second marriage, because I certainly got this wrong with my first one, I do my best to make sure I am the last one to fall asleep. I do not succeed every night, last night for example, but I stay awake to make sure my family is taken care of first. As men, it is our responsibility to make sure this happens every night.

But let’s take this sleep idea one step further. What about the rest of their life? Are we the first to indulge too much with our food or drink? Do we make sure everyone in our house has enough food before we eat ourselves? I know this is a soft point with both men and women. In our household, I am served last if I am making the food. This is not out of pride or ego, but out of my responsibility to make sure there is enough for the family first.

I challenge you, as I challenge myself, to adopt this principle with every aspect of your life. True love puts others first before our self. Are we practicing true love if we take from our family before we give?

The bottom line

Sleep is a required part of who we are. When I say sleep I mean rest, food, hobbies, joy, and other pleasures of our life that make us better men. However, it is our responsibility to make sure we create an environment where our entire family is also getting enough sleep.

Does your work get in the way of your children’s growth in imagination. Do we walk through our life in survival mode to make sure we make it through this life, or do we put our faith in God that he will keep us alive and transfer our focus to our family. I know this is a heavy topic and I would like to help you through this journey. If you feel a punch in the gut because you know your needs come before the family’s, let’s talk. I would love to walk beside you on a journey of self-discovery of what true love and responsibility is supposed to be.

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