Sanity Doesn’t Have to be That Far Away

 September 21, 2020

By  Jonathan Biles

Have you felt anxious or ready to lose your sanity during this COVID-19 pandemic? Fear not, I have some helpful tips to get you through. Whether you have kids, a spouse, or simply roommates that you can’t seem to get away from, having your own space for growth and sanity can make or break your every day.

During our stay-at-home order, I have noticed that my patience is not as strong as I hope. There will be days that everything seems absolutely on track and my love for my family trumps all. Sadly, that is not every day and there are days where I lose my cool. So how do I stay on top of things without losing myself in all the chaos.

Get a routine of Sanity

In our home, we have 4 children that are wonderful, but not quite independent. Both Jess and I work our businesses from home, so at time we must focus. Before the pandemic, there was a perfect period of the day where kids were either in school, taking a nap, or completing their afternoon chores. During this time, we could focus and work hard on our tasks.

That, unfortunately all changed last March. Suddenly our routine wasn’t so routine and we had to pivot in order to be successful. The most important key to my success has been in my morning routine. Thanks to Jess and some podcasts I’ve listened to, I finally feel like I have a good one.

  1. When I get up I put on workout clothes.
  2. I then do something cold. Most of the time this is a walk down my driveway.
  3. Next, I write my Morning Pages. This helps me get out of my funk and start the creative juices flowing. I also write my prayers during this time.
  4. Reading my Bible is next on my list. I removed the stress of a daily routine and I simply try to read from one point to the next, and not a specific amount of verses or chapters.
  5. The next two things I do are related. I read 10 pages of an inspirational book I’ve already read. Then, I read 10 pages of a new inspirational book. Right now I am reading The War of Art and The Go-Giver. Two excellent books.
  6. Lastly, I let my creative juices out. Currently I write my blog to get those juices flowing.

You may notice I have not yet dealt with the wife or kids. On days when I am not able to feed my soul, I don’t handle the chaos well at all.

Do you have an alone spot?

So what if you don’t have a morning routine or simply don’t want to create one for yourself? I highly suggest, at a minimum you have a spot. Having a spot requires two very important things. Number one is communication. Establish a conversation with your family or roommates that they know that when you are in your spot, you are not to be disturbed.

Secondly, your spot is your spot to relax and shake off whatever it was that got you agitated. This cannot be a place of stress or a place where you swipe through your phone. Most of the time, I only need to be in my space for a couple of minutes, but this escape helps me re-center myself.

To sum it up, feed your soul and mind before pouring out to your friends and family. Also, make sure you have a safe space to go to collect yourself before you wreck your reputation. If you want any suggestions on books to read or other morning routine tips, shoot me a message or drop it in the comments. I would love to help you keep your sanity.

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Jonathan Biles

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