Purpose Isn’t Just For The Driven

 September 28, 2020

By  Jonathan Biles

After Jess and I were married, I read a book about finding your true purpose in life. I don’t remember the title, but I remember the message. Bottom line is that we were not put here on this earth on accident, but we each have a contribution to the world as a whole. This idea is not limited to Christianity as many different faiths and believes don’t think we are just to meander through life.

This morning I read in As a Man Thinketh another major reason that we should discover our purpose. Yes, I know the book was written in 1903, but the principles are sound and relevant today as they were a hundred years ago.

Why do we need to know our purpose?

When we don’t have purpose, we wander. I don’t mean the intentional wandering. Even with intentional wandering, we have a purpose. The purpose may be to discover or to accomplish a distance, but there is a goal in mind that even the wanderer looks to finish.

But what about us that don’t have the freedom to wander? Is our job our purpose? I think not. A purpose is a central desire that drives us to achieve. The result of our purpose may be good work or a promotion, but the wha we get in return does not motivate us to move forward. At least not true motivation.

Knowing your purpose will continuously fan the fire that motivates you to move forward. So what, right? What if we are happy with our status quo and don’t feel the need to have our fan flamed? Well there is also a danger to not having a purpose worse than not moving forward.

The danger lies in our thoughts. See a person without purpose does not have direction in their thoughts. They are then subject to the worries and fears of this world. Can we all agree that there are many things out there these days to worry about?

In yesterday’s post I talked about how I have a tendency to get sucked into the negativity of this world. To continue the honesty train, the only solution I have found to drag me back out of that hole is to think about my purpose. It helps me push away the negativity of this world and focus on producing.

How can I find mine?

I hope you are reading this section because you truly want to find your purpose. If you are ready to head down this adventure I want to warn you, you will never see the world the same once you discover your true purpose or passion in life. You will find yourself making decisions not for the money or the outcome, but for the pure desire to fan your flame.

To start discovering your purpose, I recommend you take one tiny step at a time. The step to start with is to start reading every day. No, I don’t mean romance novels or the latest Steven King thriller, but a self improvement book. Take the pressure off and just read a little bit each day. Check out my post on books to read to start with. These books changed my life and helped me get closer to my purpose.

Lastly, I want to congratulate and encourage you on this journey. Working each day with your purpose as a central theme is not only rewarding, but fun. Self doubt and fears of failure naturally start to take a back seat to what you are putting out there. So whatever your passion is, start to go after it. If you need an accountability partner or an encourager, I am here for you. Happy hunting.

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