Projects, Projects Everywhere: no honey-do list here

 September 29, 2020

By  Jonathan Biles

Honesty time. Take a minute and make a list of all the projects you have started and not yet finished. If you’re like me, that’s a long list. For the feature image of this post, I wanted to pick a project that I had in progress, but there were too man to choose from.

Whether it is the garden, my men’s self-help book, our laundry room clean out, or planting our new strawberry starters, the list is not a short one. The biggest challenge I have is not wanting to start another project before I finish the ones on the list. But the ideas are endless. Ever wonder why we have a hard time finishing projects before starting new ones?

Projects are demanding and exciting

The sun is shining bright in the early morning sky. As I step foot out on my Eastern-facing porch in only my bathrobe and slippers my tired eyes ache as they are forced open by the happy rays of the sun. I stand there a picture perfect image of a 90’s sitcom cliche of the dad waking up to observe his kingdom.

But then it starts. My heart skips a little beat as it ramps up and gets my blood flowing. The excitement starts to build as I see it. As if two lovers meeting after a long time apart, time begins to slow as I walk towards my new found excitement. It will be hard work. I may even get a little frustrated at times, but in the end it will be worth it. There she lies at the edge of my yard, another project.

Please, tell me I am not alone. There is nothing more exciting to me then discovering another project I not only get to work on, but it represents new challenges and possibly new tools. The formulation of plans and the vision of execution flood my brain as the excitement t begins. In the mean time, off to my left is the unfinished project just begging for a little attention today before I start on my next exciting adventure.

It is a fundamental part of our nature to get excited about new ventures. The mystery and desire to discover the unknown is built deep into our core to drive us to improvement. Fortunately, this human curiosity is what drives us to pursue perfection and take our race to the next level. The sad part is that without focus and discipline, we quickly leave the started projects to pursue a new one.

What about your significant other?

It may sound harsh to call your significant other a project, but hang with me for a second because they may be the most important project on your list of projects. Take a moment and try to remember back to the days when you were pursuing your mate. The excitement and desire for the future was often times overwhelming. I know that most of the time, logic took a back seat for me in the name of pushing my new passion.

As time continues, does our relationship lose its excitement? Full disclosure, I think this happens to many of us. Our relationship with our love is no longer new. Therefore, we become familiar and are experts at managing our relationship. At times, the chase may feel over and we are getting ready to find a new project.

Today I want to challenge you and your outlook on your relationship with your loved one. God created us as incredibly complicated human beings, and I promise, if you let the sun open your eyes a little further, you will find aspects of your love that will create brand new and exciting projects in your life.

If you don’t know where to start, trust me, you are not alone. I suggest starting with a wonderful book called The Love Dare. This book will challenge not only your relationship, but your outlook on how you love people in general. I posted my take on each chapter as I went through the book myself the last time. Check out the first post here. If you decide to go on this journey, please don’t do it alone. Let me help you walk through the fun projects it has to offer.

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