Pressure Must be Released or You Will Blow

 August 5, 2020

By  Jonathan Biles

Have you ever lost your temper? I am not talking a major blow up, but has the pressure bubbled over onto innocent victims? Yes, I am raising my hand. We recently visited Yellowstone National Park and while I knew how geysers work, I found a new appreciation for their similarity to my personal life.

Basically, the way a geyser works is that there is a long empty tube underground that is super-heated by nearby magma. When that tube fills with water, the water closest to the magma becomes heated and eventually boils. The gas and pressure created below the rest of the water forces the geyser to spew out until either the tube is emptied or the temperature is reduced below boiling. (A great blog to learn more).

But pressure in my life is different and I am not filled with water

I wish I could remember the source, but I am sure you’ve heard a version of the same. When life gets challenging or even when we simply open our mouth, what comes out is a direct result of what we carry inside. If you want to spew more patience and understanding, then you must have that before the pressure intensifies. Lately, I noticed that maybe I have more anger inside than I care to admit.

In my personal life, we lead pretty chaotic lives. Jess and I have been through the wringer when it comes to finances, family, and other relationships. One thing has been certain and that is that the pressure is always on. Occasionally it becomes too much and one of us blows. Sometimes the evidence is in tears or in loud screams, but neither one of us are immune to the increasing pressure.

We are human after all

That might sound like an excuse, but the fact remains that we are flawed beings and susceptible to imperfection. As a matter of fact, perfection can never be achieved. But that doesn’t let us off the hook. When Old Faithful spews out onto the crowd of viewers, often times the crowd is showered by its acidic mist.

In our own life, when the pressure builds and the eruption is inevitable, there will be innocent bystanders watching the show. So if we can’t stop the eruption, what do we do? The answer is both simple and incredibly challenging. We must watch what we fill our life with so when we erupt, we erupt in a positive way. If you want help understanding more about how to fill your life with the right kind of water, send me an email. I would love to help you walk through your path.

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