Poison to the Body, but not to the Taste

 September 22, 2020

By  Jonathan Biles

It is no accident that the most poisonous habits in our life also seem to be the most delicious to indulge in. Want to know my poison? First, this post is not to condemn, but to give you hope that we all have our struggles. But together, we can overcome the things that bring us pain.

This is my 62nd blog post since I started this site in my attempt to blog every day. Four of those posts I put back into drafts because the SEO is way off and I have missed posting 4 days over the past few months. This mattes because my goal was to post daily regardless of the situation or topic. Did I fail? Why did I miss days?

The answer is because of my poison. When I left my job at SEL, I felt the call to write. But I let life, worry, and control get in the way. Reboot in 2020, I made the decision to let go of those things and focus on my calling. But, I didn’t rid myself of all my poisons preventing my success.

You are not alone

My mornings are sacred. In a house of 4 kids getting things done before they wake for the day is absolutely crucial. I have successfully accomplished work while they are awake, but the stress is usually more obvious than the success. Therefore, getting up early and feeling refreshed is crucial.

Knowing this, my nights are protected by not eating late and going to bed early. Right? Absolutely not! It doesn’t make any sense right? I am well aware that I need to make sure I have a good night’s sleep so I can show up and show up with quality. However, my poison tastes too good to give up.

I love to end the night with my wife snuggled up against me while we watch something on TV and sip our favorite cocktails. Currently our drink of choice is whiskey and water. Time will pass and we know that our bed is calling, but instead I pour another drink and start the next episode. Before you ask, no we don’t get wasted every night. But we do stay up too late and drink enough to disturb a good night’s sleep.

Each morning I have the same discussion with myself. I scold my late night snacking behavior and swear I won’t do it again, but sure enough, the evening rolls around and I am back to the cabinet choosing my favorite poison.

How to rid yourself of the poisonous grips

In my efforts to self-improve, I read at least 10 pages of a good book each day. (Thank you Jeff Olson for the idea from The Slight Edge) A major theme in each book is that we are not able to make successful, and I stress successful, changes overnight. We are not superman, we are human beings.

If we want to make real change in our life, we must do this one step at a time. I know what you’re thinking, “That sounds like a cop-out.” I will argue that the cop-out is when we decide not to change at all. Whether you are trying to go to bed earlier or wake up before the sun, we must do these things at small increments that our body and mind can handle.

I once heard from Ed Mylett’s podcast that the secret to changing what time you wake up is patience. If you want to start getting up an hour earlier each day, don’t start with an hour. Start with 15 minutes. Wake up 15 minutes earlier for at a minimum a week before you try for 30 minutes. Before you know it, you will be getting up an hour earlier each day and you never missed the sleep. How do you eat an elephant?

Whether your poison stops you from reaching your full potential or simply annoys your day to day, there is one thing I want you to remember. You are not alone. We all have our struggles and challenges that prevent us from being our best version of ourselves. If you need an accountability partner or just someone to vent to, shoot me a message. I would love to join your journey of detoxifying your life.

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Jonathan Biles

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