My Opinion is More Important Than Yours

 September 1, 2020

By  Jonathan Biles

I hope if you know me in real life, you don’t think that I think my opinion is more important than yours, but I hope I got your attention. As entrepreneurs, Jess and I are constantly in the digital marketing space. For the most part, that means we distribute content and engage constantly on social media. Recently, I’ve taken an emotional step back because of particular feedback.

I am not particularly speaking to direct feedback to my wife and I, although we do get our fair share of negativity, but to the general problem of that many of us operate with the belief that we are more important than others. I don’t want this post to be negative, however, I want to explore some possible reasons we often encounter others who truly believe they are more important than others.

We need important people for change

Before I dive into why we want to be important, I want to say that we absolutely need people who truly break through and become important to our society as a whole. Without people willing to sacrifice the public backlash, we will not have change in our culture to lead us to a better society. And yes, to some degree we are all important. I am sure if you ask your friends, family, or other loved ones they will say you are important in their lives.

Wanting to be seen is a natural desire. Most, if not all of us, want our circle to see us. Even introverts desire this, maybe just not on a public stage. But wanting to be important to others is one step higher. See, being a critical component in another’s life means that you are valued to a degree that you impact their life. In a sense, that person gives you power each time they recognize your importance.

The bigger they are the harder they fall

Yes, I want to be important too, but there is one characteristic I never want to be accused of. That is that I don’t want to assert my importance over someone who doesn’t find me important to begin with. What does that look like? Well, go check out Facebook for a minute and find an opinionated post. The post itself is an attempt to assert dominance over another, or force an opinion, but don’t stop there.

Check out the comments. How many comments are either arguing or agreeing with the post. The bottom line is that each post and comment is an attempt to be important in another’s life. Even this blog post is an attempt to show the reader that I can be important in their life if they will allow me too. It may sound like I am saying don’t have opinions or disagree with a particular stance, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. My point is if you want to be important in another person’s life, start with Love. If you can love those you disagree with then you can establish your own level of importance.

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