My Heart Absolutely Aches

 September 28, 2020

By  Jonathan Biles

I am tired and on a daily basis my heart aches for the oppressed, abused and downtrodden members of our society. Yes, I’ve had my challenges, but it doesn’t scratch the surface. Jess and I have worked over the past few weeks to understand our world through a different lens. Let me tell you, it has been eye-opening.

I didn’t realize how much my heart ached until this morning. Seeing the news and watching the general public with a closer eye has frustrated and fueled some angry thoughts. This morning, I was asked to pray for the community and social injustice as a whole. It was difficult to get the words out.

What right does my heart have?

I struggle with the question, “How do I have a right to be upset when I am the one with the privilege?” This past week I’ve been reading Ephesians. This book is that it gives a great blue-print of how men of God are supposed to behave in our torn world.

Even though that book was written thousands of years ago it is still relevant today. The lesson I got from the book and opening my eyes to our current situation allows my heart to grieve. See I don’t grieve for myself of those currently under oppression. But, I grieve for the lack of love in our society as a whole.

Yes, it is absolutely, 100% wrong what is going on in our country, and around the world for that matter. But no amount of hate is going to change the situation. We must do like the book of Ephesians says and remember to walk in love. I know we don’t practice this in our everyday world. I know because I have a hard time loving the guy that ran a red light this morning while I was on a quick errand.

How can I make a difference?

Christianity is one of the most powerful movements that our human history has to date. The purest form of the Christian message is to love. We as flawed human beings have tacked on to that message with our own agenda, restrictions, or traditions. The bottom line, however, is that God wants us to love Him and others.

I have resolved that if I want to make a different, then the difference begins in my heart. And I don’t mean just saying I am going to love my neighbor, but actually acting on it. I am confident that if I show love through my writing, my actions, my looks, and my general handling of my social interactions then this world will change.

The fighting amongst ourselves only fuels the leaders of our country. They look at the people and say, “See, we must create these laws to manage the people.” While instead of us rising up and changing the world through love, we turn on each other. Want to say that we all matter? Then bring up the oppressed, impoverished, broken and destitute of society. It is only then that we can rise up together.

So here is my call to action for my readers. Start with your mind. Talk to your heart. As I talk to my heart and we start speaking out of love and not out of hate. I have struggled, but I am not oppressed. My life matters, but the person next to me that struggled due to oppression matters more. Lift up that brother to my level, then we can say we have the equal risks at stake.

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