Megaphones Amplify Your Message

 June 30, 2020

By  Jonathan Biles

Everyone on social media wants to go viral. But I wander if everyone really had the megaphones they wanted, would they really want their message heard? Even as I write this post, I wander if I had a large impact, would I be secure enough in my message that I want the world to hear it?

In short, I ask myself that daily. After that fear tries to creep in, I remember that the message I am trying to yell at the rooftop is not my message, but a message given to me to pass on to you. I am simply a tool. Perhaps I am the megaphone that God is using to spread his message.

Are megaphones even important?

I read today in Start With Why by Simon Sinek that megaphones are important, even if you don’t know your Why. I know, hold up a minute, right? He talks about how even the companies that got their message wrong, still needed to send it to the masses. The illustration he uses is the story of Dr. Martin Luther King’s speeches during the Civil Rights movements in the 1960s.

It is no doubt that Dr. King believed his Why. He inspired millions, and still inspires today, to put aside their prejudices and treat all humans with the same dignity and respect they deserve. But, truth be told, if he didn’t have a national platform, would he have evoked change in our country? I would argue that we have many people alive today that have the passion and intelligence to help change for our hurting world, but they simply haven’t found their megaphones to get the messages across.

When should I buy one?

Why haven’t you bought a megaphone yet? Seriously, what are you waiting for? So this is my number one problem. Last year after leaving SEL, my biggest fear was not that I would fail flat on my face and I would have to return with my tail tucked between my legs, but that I would succeed. I was deathly afraid that people would read my self-improvement books or any of my writings for that matter.

But through this journey I came to a realization. My message is not mine to own if I am true to the muse that inspires me. For me, my muse is God and his Word. Therefore, as long as I am being true to His message, the pressure is off. Also, any message that I feel is true to my beliefs and convictions, then it also has a place to on the lips of my megaphone.

If you have a passion or a message, but are stressing about picking up your megaphone, trust me I understand. Send me a message and I would love to talk more about my journey and help you walk yours.

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