Maps Prevent Us From Getting Lost

 September 29, 2020

By  Jonathan Biles

Having paper maps handy was essential when I worked with my dad in construction. Now days, however, paper maps seem non-essential. Most of us can rely on highly technical applications that sit in the palm of our hand now to make sure we don’t lose our way. But what about our walk in life? Do you have maps to help you navigate?

This past week I read Colossians to discuss with one of the weekly men’s groups I attend via Zoom. The purpose of these groups is to pray for each other and encourage us to read the Word every day. This week I saw a message from Colossians different than I ever have before. It’s 4 chapters help us get our mind right, encourage us not to let others get us down, warn us of things to avoid, and how to communicate in our world.

Maps aren’t always what they look like

In many of the self-improvement books, we have chapter by chapter instructions on how to improve our life, but Paul does the same thing in a letter to the Colossians. In chapter 1, he starts by reminding us that God created everything in this universe. God even created the evil things of the world, but here is the kicker, they were created for Him. That means that everything is for God and not to stress. He has a plan.

In Chapter 2, Paul continues to encourage us by letting us know that men of this earth will try to derail our blessings. We are to, however, stand true to the reward we are to gain from our voluntary humility and worship. If anything, we are to pray and feel sorrow for those who don’t understand the blessings in our obedience.

Next, Paul gives a great list of things to avoid and things to seek. We are to avoid anger, wrath, malice, blasphemy, filthy communication, and deceit. And in it’s place we are to seek holy and belovedness, mercy, kindness, humbleness of mind, meekness, long-suffering, forbearance, and forgiveness. Sounds like a pretty good list to me.

Lastly, and my favorite point of the book, in chapter 4 he says we should always speak with ‘grace seasoned with salt.’ He is referring to the idea that everything we say should be out of wisdom. We must consider our audience and speak accordingly. This makes me think of all the military drill sergeants who didn’t quite understand how to motivate the platoons. They never considered their audience.

How do we know we are on the right path to begin with?

That’s the big question right? Sometimes we can feel like we are doing everything right, but something is telling us we are on the wrong path. I will boldly say that if you are praying, reading, and seeking Christ on a daily basis, then you are not on the wrong path. It may not be the path you envision yourself on, but remember, everything was created by God.

If you feel like life is battling your every move, but God is assuring your steps, then be proud. You are on the right path. God will let you know when it is time to turn left or right at the fork in the road. That is the biggest lesson I have learned through this wild journey of starting a new career. I am not alone. I am daily seeking he creator and he is supplying me with wisdom to stay the course. Are you looking at your path and asking for directions? Send me a message. I would love to help you walk through your journey.

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