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Manipulation Works but Only in the Short-Term

 July 11, 2020

By  Jonathan Biles

The more I talk about marketing to my friends, the more marketing starts to sound like manipulation. What if I told you that for many companies, it’s true. Manipulation in advertising is a legitimate way companies try to encourage their audience to purchase the products they offer. This is an unfortunate mistake as purchases through manipulation are short term.

The manipulation tactic has a short term success because it plays on people’s fears or insecurities. Whether it is the fear of not being to take care of yourself or your family, or it is the fear of not fitting in with your friends. The marketplace is riddled with advertising tactics to evoke fear in the audience to drive purchases. One thing they don’t consider is that when the fear is removed, so is the desire to purchase.

Forget manipulation, breed loyalty

Have you ever seen that commercial about Apple Computers that tells you that if you don’t buy one of their MacBooks that you will not be able to provide for your family? Or how about the one that shows all your neighbors toting their laptop and you with an old PC? Of course not. Companies like Apple do not rely on manipulation tactics to sell you their product.

What they do sell you is their Why. Apple is known for its lack of conformity and the desire to challenge the status quo. In fact, many of their early commercials went against the notion of keeping up with the Joneses. Apple is one of the most loyalty brands out there because since day one, they preach and practice their Why. Their desire to empower the individual user has revolutionized not only the computer industry, but the music industry as well. We are loyal to the company because we get their Why.

Real life application

So I don’t know anyone who is sitting in their garage on the verge of revolutionizing an industry for decades to come, but I do know that if you are an entrepreneur or reading this book with me, you want to have long term success and not short term wealth. Sinek says the only way we can accomplish this is by understanding Why we want to pursue this passion and how to apply it to real life. Today I challenge you to shove out all the manipulation practices you see daily in the media, and focus on how you will convey your Why.

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