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Manipulation is Wearing the Mask of Motivation

 September 29, 2020

By  Jonathan Biles

Until I read Start With Why by Simon Sinek, I never saw the manipulation tactics that companies have used on me over the past 20 plus years. This chapter both infuriated me and encouraged me at the same time. It infuriated me because for years I have willingly been a victim of the manipulation tactics of companies all over the world. Motivated, however, because I have a chance to grow a business without these tactics.

What does manipulation look like?

Sinek tackles five forms of manipulation that we see in company practices every day. He explains all five, Price, Promotions, Fear, Aspirations, and Novelty, in detail by dedicating a section to each, but the bottom line is that manipulation actually works, for the short term.

Throughout this chapter, he gives examples of companies who use these tactics on the large scale and see success. That success, however, is always short lived. These tactics do lead to transactions, but the biggest problem is if your competition has a better manipulation tactic then say goodbye to that customer. Manipulation does not create loyalty, only a purchase.

I enjoy the way he closed the chapter. He brings up the point that jus because manipulation works in the short term, doesn’t make it right. Not just morally either, but financially as well. He gives us examples of how expensive manipulation actually is for a company. Also, when you look at manipulation tactics in the long run, they end up costing the companies more money than it was worth.

Real life application

So what right? Most of us don’t own a major corporation or have the CEO’s ear for the next marketing project. But what we do have is called buyer’s influence. If we learn to recognize manipulation tactics by corporations, then we have the wisdom not to fall for these tactics and change the economic landscape as a whole.

The more we buy or work for companies that we believe in, the less corrupt corporations can exist. I know, that sounds a little idealistic, but what would happen if we all only bought from people we believed in? How much success would small businesses see in comparison to the giant corporations? I challenge you to look at the companies you buy from and ask if you are loyal or just falling for their latest manipulation tactic.

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