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Lust and Submission, No It’s Not What You Think

 July 17, 2020

By  Jonathan Biles

Oh James! Hitting it hard in chapter 4. He opens by putting a spin on lust that isn’t what we think in today’s society, but don’t worry, submission is next. What comes to your mind when you hear the word lust? Sexual connotations right? But what if we took another look at the word. Look at the heart of the word.

Lust means to desire after something that you don’t have. You can lust after war, possession, and yes people. If I haven’t blown your mind, I get that, but did you ever think that the opposite of lust is submission? I sure never thought of submission in that respect. Again, I think that is because we have warped the definition of that word too. Submission to the right entity is actually incredibly positive.

Lust versus submission – Let’s break this down

Instead of focusing on lust, let’s start with submission. When we go to work, we submit ourselves to the will of the employer. We only break that submission when we quit. In a good marriage, a man and a woman submit themselves to each other. Even as a father, I daily submit myself to the future of my children. Both the scary and powerful part about submission is it strongly guides our decisions, so shouldn’t we submit to someone or something that is pure?

So how does that tie to lust? When we submit ourselves to the things of this world, then we will always want more. In a sense, the wrong submission will create desires that weren’t ever there to begin with. We could be creating lust without even knowing it.

Real life application

Are you fighting with lust of any kind? Yes, I am raising my hand too. Instead of fighting so hard against things that may be more powerful than you can imagine, what if you submitted yourself to a power stronger than our weak flesh. Trust me, every time I submit myself further, the stress gets less. Regardless of the temptation, letting it out of my hands has changed my life dramatically.

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