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Knife Wounds Hurt When They Are Familiar

 September 30, 2020

By  Jonathan Biles

Read this chapter slowly. If you already read chapter 3, go back and read it again and look for the opportunity to drop the knife. This chapter begins by giving the audience a little bit of a memory jog. They speak to the relationship Moses and his people had with God and point out God’s reaction to Moses’ people’s disobedience.

But he doesn’t stop there. The author brings it all back home by bringing Jesus back into the conversation. Jesus is above all, including Moses, so the author poses the question of how do we think God will react to our rejection of Jesus when he prevented Moses’ people from entering the promised land.

Put down the knife and uplift

The most powerful part of this chapter comes in strong at verse 12. The video in the introduction of Hebrews called this the first warning of Hebrews. We are to pay attention because an evil heart of unbelief will cause us to depart from God.

Further, he says we are to lift up our fellow believers every single day. He says that we are going to be hardened by the deceitfulness of sin if we chose not to exhort one another. He uses the phrase today often times throughout this passage. I believe he is bringing home the point that we are challenged to do this daily.

Real life application

So that is all well and good, but how do I lift up our fellow believers every day of my life? That sounds like an impossible task, but I don’t want a hardened heart. Well, guess what? God works everything out for his glory and social media is no exception.

Yes, social media can be toxic, but what if we turned that on its head by taking 30 seconds a day to find a post from a fellow believer and remove the knife by sending them encouragement. Send a random text or direct message and I promise you will help them on their journey.

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