Kind 5 Seconds Can Save a Life

 August 6, 2020

By  Jonathan Biles

Whether we like it or not, for business purposes, Jess and I spend quite a bit of time in social media and being kind to one another is a bit scarce these days. In my men’s group this morning, one of the guys mentioned that he notices that in most social media arguments both sides think they are 100% correct and do nothing towards getting others to agree. I think this is pretty true in most conversations, so why do we argue?

Most of us argue because we have an innate desire to be heard and valued. This desire in itself is not necessarily bad, but just like freedoms, putting that desire before other people is often where we go wrong. Being kind, however, can actually bring this desire to fruition with little to no effort.

A real life example

Every year, sometimes twice a year, Jess hosts a massive sale for her business to thank her customers for the previous year. This event is incredible and often creates stress. Okay, let’s be honest, it always creates extra stress, but some years are better than others. Last year we made some mistakes and Jess had some pretty upset customers. Some handled the communication better than others. As a result, this year after her event, Jess had major anxiety when checking her messages.

Yesterday, after all packages had been shipped, she started to respond to messages on IG, FB, and texts. With a squeal of excitement, she watched a short kind video that one of her clients sent her. The video message was only 5 seconds long, but it completely removed all anxiety she had about her work.

Pretty easy to be kind

My real life example, I am sure, is not the only example that happens every day in other’s lives. But I think we can be better at spreading joy and kindness, especially in social media, without much work. This week I will commit to post a kind message at least once a day to a new person. I am curious if this will impact anyone in a positive way.

What about you? Can you join me this week and do the same. Think about it for a second. If you spend 1 minute each day for 7 days spreading kind messages, that is only 7 minutes out of your entire week. I know I spend more time a week doing something meaningless, so why not right? Send me a message and let me know how it went. And who knows, maybe I will target you with kindness.

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Jonathan Biles

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