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Kids Lookout this One is for Your

 July 12, 2020

By  Jonathan Biles

I think I am going to take the text from Hebrews 12 and turn it into a poster to hang above the bed of each one of my kids. Maybe then they will get it. Today we are in Hebrews chapter 12. Particularly, I want to focus on verses 6-11. While this chapter tackles three huge concepts, for today let’s look at this concept of being corrected by God.

More times than I can remember, we read how the Lord loves us like his own children. I you have kids, then you will know that love has many different faces. One of those faces is of discipline. The author of Hebrews ties a direct relationship of discipline to love in these few verses.

We are all his kids whether we like it or not

The author says that the Lord chasteneth and scourgeth every child he loves and receives. Let’s translate those two words as I had to google them myself. Chasteneth means to correct by punishment, while scourgeth means to cause pain for the purpose of discipline. Both of these words are strong words when it comes to discipline, but necessary.

Our current society struggles with this notion of physical punishment to teach discipline. I will not take a stand on that subject in this post, but the audience in today’s reading used physical discipline as a normal practice. They would understand that a father who demonstrates proper discipline, in fact, is showing love and not anger or frustration.

Real life application

I focused on this section of chapter 12 for two reasons. First, if you are a father, you know that disciplining your kids is a normal part of parenting. And assuming you are a good father, you are disciplining them out of love. Regardless if you use physical discipline or not, you know that the better thought out the discipline the faster your kids learn the lesson.

Secondly, God is not much different in this role as our father. He knows what we can handle and he knows what it takes to break us of our irresponsible acts. We, as his kids, must remember when we are going through hard times that we may need to open our eyes to the lesson. We had a car repossessed one time and all I can think about was how we were being unjustly punished. But in reality, we were being taught not to live above our means.

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