Joseph Is My New Hero, Hand Me My Coat

 September 23, 2020

By  Jonathan Biles

Let me tell you, this was a rough weekend. I tried really hard to remember Joseph and his story. Alas, we survived and hopefully have a new direction. As I’ve mentioned before, my oldest has Down Syndrome and we have struggles as she enters adulthood. With the COVID-19 stuff our plans have significantly been placed on hold.

We have struggled with communication in the past, but this weekend her lack of communication led to a serious of events that required me to spend the weekend shampooing the carpets. This isn’t the first time we’ve had our struggles, but I think we are simply getting tired. Last week I read the story of Joseph and I want to keep his wisdom to help guide my family.

The story of Joseph

I will not go into the details of his story that can be found in Genesis chapters 37-50. But a summary: he started as the youngest of a large family and was his father’s favorite son. His brothers hated him so much they sold him to slavery that landed him in Egypt. He had his ups and downs and ended up being in charge of the food distribution of Egypt during a 7-year famine.

During that time Joseph’s brothers came to Egypt asking for food and didn’t recognize Joseph. Some twists and turns later, Joesph reveals himself to his brothers and is in great joy that he is reunited with them. Out of his whole story, which I have heard a million times in my past, there is two versus in chapter 45 that stuck out to me like never before; 5-7.

He basically says that everything that God put him through was worth it because he was able to save his family in the end. I wonder if Joseph ever grumbled like I grumble out of frustration or anxiety. Did Joseph cry to himself in anguish while sitting in prison or did he always hav this wisdom that it will be worth it?

How does this apply to me?

This morning I woke up with an aching back and a bad night’s sleep because of the work this weekend. I woke up grumbling. With frustration and anger in my heart, I put my feet on the floor and said, “Today is going to be a great day.” (A new thing I am trying from Tiny Habits) But honestly I didn’t feel it.

The challenge I have for myself today is to remember that I am not in control. I have the ability to make decisions from day to day that influence the direction of my life and the life of my family’s, but I don’t have the ultimate say so. God’s will is greater than mine, so I can choose to grumble, or learn from Joseph’s story. Join me on this journey of non-grumbling and know that all will work together for the good of his will.

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