Iron Skillets: the unsung heroes of the kitchen

 September 22, 2020

By  Jonathan Biles

If iron skillets are a trigger point for you, just hang on with me for a second, I promise it’ll pay off. Every time I have a conversation around these, I get mixed opinions. The most common argument against iron skillets is that they are hard to maintain and clean. Read to the end and I will give you some tips that have worked for me.

I would like to say that it gets easier to maintain them the more you use them, but the truth of the matter is that they don’t change, your perspective changes. I use two iron skillets every day now for over 2 years and cleaning these tools hasn’t gotten easier.

Why bother with iron skillets

Don’t worry, I am not going to go on a rant about the positives of using iron skillets, but trust me, the benefits outweigh the pain. I didn’t always agree with this statement. A little over 2 years ago, I was rummaging through our “garage” and found an old iron skillet from our camping days. It was rusted and filthy. I was feeling project-y so I thought why not do a little research.

With my best friend Google by my side, I learned how to clean and season the skillet. After about a week of cleaning, oiling, and baking in the oven, it was restored to its original condition. I cooked steak with it and was hooked. This instrument was the closes thing in my kitchen to a restaurant quality tool and I loved it.

Using the iron skillets remind me of my relationship with Jess. When we first met and attended marriage counseling, we were asked several times if we were certain we wanted to go down this path. We come from very different backgrounds and were blending an interesting situation. I would be willing to bet that people had pools going against us lasting.

I don’t blame them though. We were waking into a situation that 9 years later still requires work. In the beginning, we had to scrub off the rust of our broken past, oil it up with love and devotion, and make sure we spent some time in the oven to solidify the seasoning. Today, when we hit rough times, I remember all the work and we make sure we don’t let rust collect before we get things clean.

Okay, enough with the metaphor. Love is a verb and it requires action. Much like iron skillets, if we don’t work every single day on our relationships they will perish. But as we work, the work turns into fun and something that is second nature to us. Did the work change? No, we changed and our perspective improved.

What is the trick?

Back to real iron skillets. Here are a few tips on how to clean and maintain your tools to enjoy the benefits.

  • To restore, clean with baking soda and water. DO NOT use soap.
  • Rub the skillet with avocado oil and a paper towel and bake for 10-15 minutes in the oven on 450 degrees.
  • Let the skillet cool and repeat until you have a nice shine. I did this once a day for a week.
  • Once seasoned and you cook with your skillet, clean with water only and not soap. If you have a hard-to-remove item, scrub with a scouring pad or metal spatula.
  • Dry the skillet by placing it wet on the stove top on medium heat and remove when dry.

Happy cooking.

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