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Instructions That Come With Promises and Explanations

 August 3, 2020

By  Jonathan Biles

I am sure you have been there before, I have. You are all set to put together a new piece of furniture, and then…the instructions hit you! Fortunately, Proverbs chapter 2 is not as cryptic as assembly instructions. King Solomon made it incredibly clear in chapter 1 that we need to seek wisdom because without it we are doomed and wisdom will not shed a tear.

Fortunately, we are not just told to seek wisdom, but we are given clear instructions as to how to seek wisdom, why we even care to try, and how we will see our reward. Luckily for us, not much has changed in the past few thousand years.

What are my instructions?

To put it plainly, we are to simply listen to the wise words of God and keep his commandments. Seriously, that is all we have to do. But, let’s talk about the more difficult parts of being a Christian. Why should we listen to his word and keep his commandments, and how is God planning on filling his side of the bargain.

Again, We tend to make this more complicated than it has to be. God says that if we do our part, he will give us the understanding of the fear of the Lord and we will find the knowledge of God. Being a Christian most of my life, I still struggle with what the fear of the Lord means. Also, I know I don’t have the full knowledge of God. So that means I need to continue to seek his word and follow his commandments. God doesn’t leave it there. He states that he promises to give wisdom by laying it up for the righteous and he will keep and preserve the path of his saints. See, God doesn’t ask us for something unless he has a promise in store for us.

Real life application

The What, Why, and How are all good, but what does this look like in our everyday life? I am confident that God does not expect us to be perfect. However, if we want the promises of God, we must continue to seek his word and understand to follow his commandments. These two acts go hand in hand. The more we read his word, the more we understand his commandments. And the more we understand his commandments, the easier it is to incorporate them into our life! Sounds easy? Well let’s go do it!

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