Hurry Up and Slow Down a Bit

 September 24, 2020

By  Jonathan Biles

I learned today that after Paul converted he spend 14 years in training before setting out on his missions. It would seem that he was in no hurry. Today, I find myself often frustrated that my “training” is taking way too long and I just want the success portion to begin.

Have you ever felt that way?

When I started at SEL, we went through a one week HR training period and it was excruciating. I just wanted to start the job and not spend all that time. I was certainly in a hurry.

Why are we in such a hurry

I would love to blame this on society, but I think it is my fault. Each morning after waking up, I get a touch of anxiety that I need to produce something. Some days I manage it better than others, but I have this thought that if I don’t produce, then I am failing.

During a training period, I feel like I am in a hurry because I am not producing. Just a few months ago, I went through a website design training period and I kept fast forwarding the videos. Even though I knew I wasn’t grasping all the information, I kept doing it anyway.

In return, when I would build a site, I kept re-visiting the same video! Talk about frustrating. If I weren’t in such a hurry, maybe I would have taken notes and not had to go back constantly.

How to slow down

Being in a hurry starts with mindset. To slow down in our fast-paced world, we must understand the value of training. In the past I saw training as a means to an end. Once I would get through the course, then I was done and could move on. This however is a limiting mindset.

What if we took a second and shifted our perspective to realize that truth growth only happens through continuous training. More so, we don’t have to be “finished” with training to produce. What if training never ended? If we learn how to set a routine of continuous growth and production at the same time, where do you think that anxiety will go?

With the morning routine I finally established, I am continuously learning. It doesn’t stop me from production, but aides my end result. Now, if I don’t conduct that daily training my anxiety goes through the roof. I am dependent on this daily growth.

Are you trying to establish a morning routine that can help you become a better person? Send me a message and I would love to be your accountability partner on your journey and recommend a few books to help you get started.

Happy growing.

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Jonathan Biles

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