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How Do You Do the Voodoo You Do

 July 7, 2020

By  Jonathan Biles

Since you are religiously reading my posts, insert laugh here, I am confident you now know your why, but translating that to the verb how is another story. Yes, I said it, how is actually a verb. It is a verb that requires action. As the book mentions, many of us with a little soul searching can find our why, but how we implement that why is a whole new ball game.

Let’s take my why for example. My why is: Encourage men through teaching, accountability and leadership to give them the tools to improve their lives as both men of God and leaders of their household. Now the big question is how do I plan to accomplish this audacious goal?

How is not done in one step

Much like building a home, you do not accomplish your how all at once. And to be honest, the way you pursue your why is a never ending journey. This may sound depressing at first glance, but if you truly find your why then you will never want to stop moving in that direction.

The biggest challenge to taking the appropriate steps in the right direction is staying accountable to yourself. To pick on my journey again, I have lost sight of my why by taking action contrary to my true purpose. If my why has nothing to do with money, then why do I become obsessed with creating revenue streams contrary to my why? I wrestle with this each day of my journey and each time I win, I know I am closer to refining how I target my why.

Real life application

There are a lot of how’s and why’s in the previous section, so let me break it down for you. If any decision you make towards your why is at its nature against your why, then your how is mis-aligned. If I write a blog post directed towards Christian women, then regardless the outcome, it is contrary to my why. Even if I make money doing so. Find yourself an honest accountability partner who will call you out on your why, and then don’t kill them when they do.

Are you reading along with me? I would love to know. Send me a message and we can discuss the chapters further as we go down this journey of discovery.

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