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Hope is Always There Regardless the Circumstance

 June 30, 2020

By  Jonathan Biles

After the last chapter, I think we can all use a little hope. This chapter is very encouraging to those that are fighting the good fight and are thirsty. This chapter begins with an explanation, then some encouragement, and follows with a call to action that is not for the faint at heart. But don’t worry, it ends with hope.

Hope is not just for the resistance

Chapter 6 from Hebrews is a chapter I need in my life today. Being an entrepreneur who left his stable corporate job to pursue my passion and purpose from God, I often stress about not receiving the promises of God. The author starts this chapter by first saying we need to let go of the old promises and lean on the new promises of God. Each day we are to forget the past and rely on his daily word.

Next, Hebrews encourages and warns us at the same time. It encourages us that we are like the herbs of the earth ready and waiting for the rain. And guess what? The rain to replenish us is promised by God. Not only that, but so are our blessings. It says that God is not unrighteous and he will honor the fruits of our labor. This is definitely something I need to hear on the daily.

Lastly, he mentions that we have a call to action in which we must continue his work regardless of the circumstances. But we are not alone! We are told to hold on to hope. Hope is the thing we hold onto to keep our actions going when it is combined with faith. Not only must we be diligent in our work, but we are to hold on to hope for our strength.

Real life application

Let’s break this down. Words like hope and faith are easily thrown around and can quickly lose its meaning. For practice application, we can start our day with both of these on our mind. Let’s start with hope. Hope, by definition is to hold on to the promises to come based on the unseen. The unseen is Faith. So if we have strong Faith in our creator, then we hold on to his promises for hope. For me, I have faith that God is going to use my writing to reach the souls of men. Knowing that he promises to honor our labour, I have hope that my diligent work will pay off.

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