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Guilty as Charged Sir, Please Forgive Me

 July 15, 2020

By  Jonathan Biles

He walked into the room in the finest suit I’d ever seen. The pin-stripes sharp against the navy blue jacket and pants. He was only guilty of one thing. His guilt of perfection and beauty embraced the room like a warm hug. Yes, that was the guy I wanted on my team. He could bring results that we need to take us to the next level.

That was the last good impression I had of him. Even though his presentation was flawless, all went downhill after he opened his mouth. Have you ever found yourself in this situation? More often than I care to admit, I judge a book by its cover. I, however, take the opposite of the typical approach to pre-judgement. I often give people more credit than they deserve based on their appearance.

How do we not be guilty?

In the beginning of James 2, he warns us not to give favor to those who are dressed nicely or come giving great gifts. Much like a wolf in sheep’s clothing, when we pre-judge a person because of their beautiful appearance then we set ourselves up to be taken advantage of.

Putting aside the fact that we shouldn’t judge someone based on their appearance, we are walking a dangerous territory of trusting someone we really don’t know. He continues to remind us that God rewards the humble in spirit and not those who seek treasures of this earth. He says that those who have treasures on earth have already received their reward.

Real life application

As I mentioned before, I am incredibly guilty of the previous section. When someone is in great health and dressed to the nines, I immediately want to trust them. In contrast, when someone in poor health and dressed in rags, I doubt the validity of what they say. Sometimes I am right and sometimes I am wrong, but the bottom line is I shouldn’t judge to begin with. Let the other person show who they are before we decide for them.

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Jonathan Biles

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