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Getting Ahead at All Costs

 August 26, 2020

By  Jonathan Biles

As an entrepreneur, I hear all the time that to get ahead and make my dreams come true, I must do this at all costs, but I disagree. I often saw this same concept in corporate America. Yes, being in business for yourself or trying to climb the corporate ladder can often be challenging and people will try to stop you, but at all costs implies putting your success above others.

I read today in Proverbs that above riches, or wealth of any kind, we must first not neglect the needs of others. I find it interesting that Solomon puts this concept directly after he speaks at great length about wisdom. He said we are to seek wisdom and understanding while at the same time don’t fear the unknown and take care of your fellow man.

Put others ahead to get ahead

I know that concept sounds far fetched in today’s society, but think about it for a second. Hard times come to all of us. Not a single person, yes even those born with a silver spoon in their mouths, can go through life without falling on some sort of hard time. I will agree that some have harder times than others. The simple fact is that we live in an imperfect world and not in our control. So when things do get hard, where do we turn?

For those who chose to put success before others, when hard times fall they must rely on their own abilities. That may help weather some storms, but they will come out more scarred than those who have people to weather the storm with them. The human emotion support does not exist in material possessions. This can only be received by treating others around you will love and kindness no matter how far ahead you want to get.

Real life application

So here is the real question, are we supposed to give up all we have in order to help our fellow man? Are we supposed to put our own health and well being at risk to make sure everyone has a fair shake? Yes, and no. Let me explain. Earlier I mentioned that Solomon talked about taking care of those around us. Right after he talked about seeking wisdom and understanding. That is the key right there.

I believe that if we are seeking God’s word on a daily basis and honestly pursuing wisdom and understanding then the level of sacrifice we are to make will be revealed to us. Ever get that gut feeling that the person you just walked by is not a good person? Studies have shown that your instinct is not a coincidence. Pursue God’s word, wisdom, and understanding and having a giving heart and spirit won’t be stressful as the level of giving will be revealed.

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