Fruit of Righteousness is Sown in Peace: J3:18

 July 7, 2020

By  Jonathan Biles

This post is a specific call to action for all Christians who profess to the God of the Bible and specifically our call to reap fruits of righteousness and not hate. Let me tell you a little story of two small towns neighboring each other. There is a toxic business relationship and fruit sown out of hate and judgement.

Our towns wouldn’t exist without the university the town is centered on. Similarly, there is another small city 8 miles away with the same demographic situation. Two specific behaviors define our town’s business environment. First, there is a handful of families that fund or own much of the property and businesses. Secondly, there is a large “Christian” presence through an affiliated church.

I will not speak to specifics as to not further tarnish any people’s reputation, but if you live in our towns, you know the group I am speaking about. While much of their doctrine I actually agree with, there is a behavior that I can’t support.

What kind of fruit do you want?

We are all humans and subject to our own flawed predisposition to judge a person or group based on their actions. The people I am speaking of is both a victim and a proponent of their own hate. James calls us to reap the fruit of righteousness that can only be sown through peace. If we profess to love God and represent his mission on earth, then how can we sow seeds of hate and expect to reap his righteousness?

This particular church has sown seeds of hate for many years. The truly sad part is even as they reap the rotten harvest of hate lashed back out on them, the message hasn’t changed. There is a major difference between fulfilling the mission of God and reach out to those in need and publicly casting hate and judgement on those who don’t believe the same things that we do.

Bring it all home

Personally, I am not affiliated with that particular group. However, my belief in God means I have personal convictions that guide my path as I fulfill my purpose and raise my children to do the same. I have an obligation to stand up for what I believe in. The method in which I stand up is the power that I have with every waking morning of my life.

I call on you today to think how you stand up for what you believe in. Do you stand up with an accepting and loving nature the way Christ wanted us to, or do you stand on a soap box with a message of judgement and condemnation in which you personally take the role to cast the punishment?

I challenge you to think about that as you go through your day. As always, I am open for further discussion on this topic. Feel free to send me a message to open a dialogue of peace and understanding. In the mean time, take your thoughts captive and read James today.

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