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Found Wisdom, Now What

 August 25, 2020

By  Jonathan Biles

Have you ever looked for something for a long time to finally find it? What did you do after it was found? Did it bring you joy? If so, for how long? Reading in Proverbs today, I read a verse again for the millionth time, but its meaning was lost on me all these years. Solomon says that a happy man seeks wisdom AND that gets understanding.

I can’t believe I never read, or listened to, the second half of that verse. My whole life I have sought wisdom and wondered why it hasn’t Brough happiness. Sure I have found wisdom and happiness throughout my life, but in general it is a tough road riddled with storms, challenges, and hurdles. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve always preached to always be a student, but I mostly focused on the gaining wisdom part and not the understanding.

Found the secret to happiness

Ok, so now that I have found out that not only do I need to seek wisdom, but I need to get the understanding, what am I supposed to do with that? To start, I want to look at what the word understanding really means. Earlier today I explained to my daughter what her school space is supposed to look like before we start school online tomorrow.

Immediately after explaining it to her, she asked a followup question, which we encourage our kids to do. That question, however was answered seconds before. So what happened? Plain and simple, she heard what I said, but she didn’t understand what I said. Even though I read self-development books each day as well as read the Scripture, how much of it am I really understanding.

Real life application

Today I am making the change. When I pick up my Bible or the self development book I am reading, I will read with the intent purpose of understanding what the author is saying, instead of just getting through the text. I hope this pursuit of understanding will mirror my desire for wisdom and God’s promise will be filled. Do you read with understanding or just to get through it?

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