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Finish it Up with Some Practical Lessons

 July 13, 2020

By  Jonathan Biles

As we finish Hebrews, we see an entire chapter chopped full of do’s and don’ts that will help us stay on the right path of our servanthood. Honestly, I could probably spend a post on each and every one of these, but for now, I will let you see the list of lessons and try to show you how to put them to practice in your life.

Finish strong even if you don’t win

Here is the list of mini-lessons the author of Hebrews decides to finish on. Enjoy.

  1. Brotherly Love
  2. Entertain Strangers
  3. Remember Those in Bonds
  4. Marriage is Honorable
  5. Be Content Without Covetousness
  6. Be Bold and do not Fear
  7. Remember Your Godly Leadership
  8. Jesus is the Same Every Day
  9. Be Aware of Strange Doctrines
  10. Jesus Sanctified Us with His Blood
  11. Go Forth with Boldness in God
  12. Offer the Sacrifice of Praise to God Continuously
  13. Do Good
  14. Obey Your Leadership
  15. Pray for Those Preaching the Truth
  16. Don’t Forget the Everlasting Covenant
  17. In Every Work do His Will

Real life application

So that is all well and good, but what does it look like to finish while keeping this in mind?

  1. We fight with our brothers, but we always forgive them because deep down we love them. What would it look like if we had that same type of love for others, not just our brothers?
  2. Keeping safety in mind, reach out to someone you don’t know and entertain them. Even if it is just a cup of coffee.
  3. We all carry bonds, but some more than others. If your burden is light, look out for those whose burdens are heavy.
  4. This verse is very specific in that we are to stay hones and faithful to our spouse because a marriage is more than just a promise.
  5. I love and hate this lesson at the same time. The more content I am the happier I am and in contrast, the more I want, the more unhappy I am. Be content with what you have and you will get more.
  6. We live in a world consumed by fear, but if you love the Lord, nothing in this world can touch your eternity. Live boldly and fearlessly.
  7. Did you know your pastor is accountable to your soul? Be kind to him and pray for him daily. He has quite a bit on his plate.
  8. Jesus is the most consistent person or thing in your life. We let each other down all the time, but God is a constant you can depend on.
  9. This one scares the crap out of me. Keep in your prayers to have wisdom and discernment to know the truth.
  10. Never, never, never forget the only reason we are allowed to breath every waking day is that Jesus sacrificed himself for the atonement of our sins.
  11. A timid person never wins a soul. Be bold in your faith and God will reward you.
  12. Offer the Sacrifice of Praise to God Continuously. Hard to rephrase this one, except to say keep the understanding that God is to be thanked for all the good in this world.
  13. Do Good. Seriously, you don’t need an explanation for this one.
  14. He repeats this point to re-iterate the appreciation we are supposed give our Godly leadership. They are called and burdened with a great responsibility.
  15. Not every messenger of God is a pastor, some simply spread the good news. Keep those in your prayers as they are major targets for Satan.
  16. In all that we go through, never forget that God made a commitment to us that we will have eternal life. It is ok to remember that promise, especially in the hard times.
  17. Do you know what his Will is? Do some reading and find out what the Will of God is in your life and then pursue it unapologetically.

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