Fathers Around the Nation: Where Are You?

 September 30, 2020

By  Jonathan Biles

I write this post on Father’s Day 2020 and my heart is full and aches at the same time. The fathers I saw in my life were an inspiration. Roosters on our humble little chicken only have one job when it comes to fatherhood, and that is at insemination. Sadly, we live in a society where that idea is also widely practiced.

In 2010, my father sat his children down at their home in Austin, Texas and poured his heart out to us reliving his failures and victories as a father. That day had a tremendous impact on his children, their spouses and their fiancées. It is a day I will never forget for two main reasons.

First, the things that I struggled with my father as I grew up were brought to life, and second, the courage he had as a man to face his children with the regrets of his past. Of all the fathers I have seen throughout my life and watched their behavior, this is by far the bravest thing I have ever don.

What is your role – as a father

It is my experience that there is one major character trait a father must have in order to be a good, or great, father. That trait is humility. Yes, there are other parts of our personality that are important, such as patience, understanding, forgiveness and love, but I believe above all we must be humble.

As our children grow, it is easy for us to take credit for their winner personality or manners in public. It is easy for us to tower over our family and take charge and assert our authority. Not only that, but it is easy to boast about our home and accomplishments if you are the bread-winner of the family.

However, no amount of pride will benefit our offspring as they mature. When your son made contact with a lob you threw him and hit the ball further than ever, do you take credit in the perfect pitch? Or do you praise his accomplishment to him and behind him?

Often times it is challenging as a father who shows up to act like a king without the responsibility. A humble man understands his position of authority is a gift from God and not a right as a man. He understands that in order to fruitfully multiply, he must first sacrifice his needs to provide for his family’s.

Fathers, where are you? Time to take a stand!

I am just going to say it how it is. Feel free to not read another post if you’re offended, but here it goes. It is time the men of our day stand up and start being fathers to our children. Time has come for us to look at the chaos of our society and accept the burden of responsibility and take on the failures of our past. It is time to humble ourselves and take ownership as fathers and steer the ship back on course.

Join me in this fight. Come along side me in accountability and responsibility that we are going to not only father our own children properly, but also challenge the other men in our life with the same creed. Send me a message, and lets rebuild this father-less generation.

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