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Faith of the Promise Keeps Me Steady

 July 11, 2020

By  Jonathan Biles

As an entrepreneur, I often work my butt off with no pay-out. When I am working in God’s purpose, the frustration is just as real, but then, Faith. I liken my journey to the hammocks I recently installed in our front yard. I installed them, so I know they will hold, however Jess’ faith is a bit lacking when they move more than she would like.

In Hebrews Chapter 11, the author focuses on what our faith should look like and why it is important. This may be the most quoted verses in Hebrews. The author spends the first 6 verses defining faith and then the next 34 verses giving us examples. I think the author knew we would want proof.

What is Faith and what does it look like

My image of faith has always been: trusting what we cannot see. However, after reading Hebrews, I want to change my definition. It is much more than this trust that we have in things that we can’t see, but it is a substance and a critical tool in our walk with God. In fact, faith is the actual evidence of things we can’t see. Let me explain.

In Matthew, Jesus says that if we have the faith like a mustard seed, a real tiny seed, then we can move mountains. By that definition it is a tangible good that we can hold on to. It is like our secret weapon in the war against Satan. Understanding the power of faith can completely transform your life. The author goes as far as saying if we choose not to have faith that it is impossible to please God! That is heavy.

Real life application

In my life, I must practice faith every single day I wake up. I don’t have a steady source of income, but I have a steady source of need. I am a flawed man and I don’t do this as well as I would like, but I can tell you I am confident that because of my constant pursuit of faith, my family has not gone a day without their needs being provided. Now if I can just grow my faith big enough to rival the mustard seed.

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