Excuses Are Not Justifications Only Cover-ups

 September 30, 2020

By  Jonathan Biles

It wasn’t my fault. Jess was asleep in my lap and the bag of freshly baked cookies was within arms reach. I know, I know; no excuses. Over the past 3 years, we have been on and off Keto, mostly on, so my sweet tooth has all but gone away. However, sometimes I can’t resist.

I joke when I say it wasn’t my fault. Of course I am in charge of my own behaviors. If I really wanted to, the bag of cookies could’ve gone undisturbed all night long. But that is not what I truly wanted. How often in our lives do we make up excuses to justify our hidden desires out of shame or discomfort?

Excuses might really be a coverup

Let’s walk around this topic for a minute. Why do you think we make up excuses for our behaviors? In my life, I typically come up with excuses for my behavior when I am embarrassed of my actions. One of my personal goals is to live a life without excuses, but I am fallible just like the rest of us.

For the most part, when I am embarrassed of my actions, it is because I indulged my selfish tendencies. The most frustrating part is when I make these choices, notice I didn’t say accidents, I end up berating myself over that decision. The more I read the Bible as a part of my morning routine, the more grace I am given that I am a flawed human and the next time I must try to be better. Tonight, the cookies will not be at my bedside.

Collateral damages

But the personal affect of making up excuses is only a slight problem in the grand scheme of things. When we choose to take action that will further require an excuse, we almost certainly have collateral damage. Even worse, most of the time we don’t know the damage we have harmed. My kids know Jess and I are working hard to eat healthier. When they notice I indulged on cookies, did I create any collateral damage?

I challenge you to take a harder look at our everyday actions. Sometimes we don’t verbalize the excuse, but we have the inner dialogue to justify our actions. Not returning a shopping cart, double-parking, running a red light, not tipping appropriately, blasting the comments on social media, the list can go on. As a society, we must get a better grasp on our decisions that make us want to spout excuses. The collateral damage may not be seen for years.

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