Examples are Stronger Than Vision

 August 22, 2020

By  Jonathan Biles

Our kids portrayals on television of what a spouse should look like, but here’s the secret: your examples hold more weight than you imagine! I am enjoying our kids getting older as we can share more of our favorite television shows that we remember growing up. During this pandemic, we’ve done this more than before and I have noticed an interesting growth of curiosity in our children.

The curiosity I speak to is the examples of healthy relationships in television. I italicize that word because their version of healthy doesn’t match our home. So how do our kids know what examples to follow? Do they look at the portrayal of man and woman on the screen and aspire to be like that, or do they look down from the glowing screen and see Jess and I?

Giving examples on accident

Jess can correct me on this, but I don’t think we’ve ever sat our children down and outlined what a healthy relationship looks like. Not only will we forget things, but if we tried this I am sure it will go right over their heads. However, listening to some off comments that we will hear our kids say let us know that we are winning the T.V. versus reality examples war. Let me explain.

When Emily first started crushing on boys, her objective was to find her “Jon.” She had this thought in her head that if she was to get a man that treated her like I treat Jess, then he had to have the same name. Similarly, I will watch Evan react to television sometimes and when the female role is outwardly rude to her spouse, he will actually cringe. I once caught him turning his neck looking at the screen out of confusion.

Is this a losing battle?

I want to say no, but sadly it may actually be a battle that if not carefully attended to will be lost quickly. Even though we are their parents, the amount of examples that flood their purview on a daily basis is astounding! I don’t just mean from television either. The more observant they get, they better we must become.

Guys, let me challenge you today. If you have a child, ask yourself what kind of spouse you want them to end up with. Chances are, they will either seek out the type of relationship you and your wife have, or they will seek the opposite because they see the truth. Wake up today and give them the examples they need to protect their heart down the road.

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