Equations Keep the Universe in Balance

 August 28, 2020

By  Jonathan Biles

No, this is not another post about distance learning, but it does involve math. Do you remember learning about equations for the first time? Earlier this year I got the privilege of teaching our then 6th grader the basics of mathematical equations. The phrase I kept finding myself use is “if we do this, then we must do this.” That really got me thinking. Life is simply a bunch of If-Then statements.

If I forget to feed our little flock of chickens, then they flock around me every time I go outside. Yes, that actually happens. If I lose my temper with my kids, then I feel shame and possible hurt them. And yes, if I treat my wife with love and respect, then she will feel more loved and will demonstrate her love for me. Seriously, I can’t think of a single situation in my life that is not an affect of some other action. Seems like this life is all about balance.

Understand equations and life gets easier

By no stretch of the imagination am I saying that I have all of this balance stuff figured out. I deal with chronic back pain and if I sit with my shoulders scrunched up for too long, I experience severe headaches. But what am I doing right now? Yes, I am typing with my shoulders scrunched. I may need to hire someone to smack me each time I do this. But I digress.

Think about it for a minute in your own every day life. Don’t go too deep down the rabbit hole, just think about what you are doing right now. Are you reading this when you should be doing something else? What will the affect be later in your day because of that stupid little task you decided to ignore? Enough about the negative. Did you do anything this morning that will have a positive affect on the rest of your day? I for one had coffee with vitamins in it. Sure it is a Starbucks brew, but the thought of ingesting vitamins makes me feel healthier and has increased my self esteem.

How can we keep this on our mind?

Jonathan, that is an excellent question. Thank you. Ok, maybe I had more than one cup of coffee. But seriously, if we keep the idea of cause and effect, or balancing equations on our mind, how will that change our day? Will we be more likely to reach out to our neighbor to help? Maybe we will think twice about arguing on Facebook and spread love and support instead.

Take this as a call to action today. Maybe don’t change anything you would normally do, but make an effort to examine your thoughts, words, and actions to see how it affects the rest of your life. Let me know how it goes, I would love to help you out on this journey.

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