Doubt Has No Place Here as Our Dreams Grow

 September 28, 2020

By  Jonathan Biles

Doubt is the cousin to fear. Some say it is fear’s brother, but I think it has a family all of its own. The offspring of doubt is often hard to see. If you follow Jess‘ or my social media, it is hard to miss that we are embarking on a new journey and starting a podcast called The Biles Show.

Jessica and I had this desire separately for almost a year now that a podcast would be a great way to reach our desired audience. I write for men working to become better husbands and fathers. Jess speaks to the women who struggle with sexual pain or those being healed by another’s sexual trauma. We both love listening to podcasts, so why not start one together?

Both of us experienced great battles of doubt. Were we sure on who our audience was? Do we even have a voice to speak about our knowledge? Isn’t it incredibly difficult to produce a podcast? All of these questions were questions of doubt that didn’t belong in the conversation.

Why does it exist?

Doubt, like its cousin fear, is for one of two purposes. It can either strike us down and prevent us from following our dreams, or it can lift us up. I know what you’re thinking, “How can doubt possibly lift us up?” Well, it is not doubt that lifts us up, but doubt that shows us where to focus our attention.

To use our podcast, for example, we have concerns that we are reaching the right audience. With that thought, we have the choice to either wing it and hope for the best, or spend some quality time and ensure we are speaking the right message for our wonderful listeners. Doubt, however, has the unfortunate side effect of paralyzation.

This is one reason that I say doubt and fear are cousins. They both have the ability to stop us in our tracks if we let them. The key is to use them as the tool and not the motivation. Let me say that again. Our motivation to accomplish a project or a life long dream should not come from an attempt to overcome these enemies, but from a place of passion and love. Our foes are just the tools that try to trip us up.

The seeds of doubt

Agree or disagree that they can be used as a tools, but I know we can all agree that they get in the way. The challenge we dreamers and adventurers have is overcoming that pesky bug. To do this, we must find the source of doubt. No, doubt itself is not the source of its own infestation.

Like all living things, it starts with a seed. The seed of doubt is found hanging out next to the same seed that grows into our dreams. Both come from a place of vulnerability. Our dream is a sensitive creature and requires nourishment to ensure its survival. Doubt is not that different. As our area grows, so does our doubt. Every time we tell ourselves that we can do a particular thing, doubt feeds off of that self-talk.

Overcoming doubt

The scary thing is that this happens without our realization. Therefore, the only way to prevent doubt from growing is to actively hit it with defeating principles. As you nourish your dream, I challenge you to simultaneously destroy your doubts. Here is an example.

“I love reaching young men and help them on their journey to be stronger men, husbands and fathers.” A short word to nourish my dream.

“What I have to say is valid because I have lived experiences that most men have not and because of that I am a better man, husband, and father.” A short word to destroy the creeping doubt as it tries to grow with my passion.

Can I help you destroy the doubt sucking the nutrients from your growing passion? Please reach out to me and I would love to help you grow and flourish with your passion and purpose.

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Jonathan Biles

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