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Directing does not Mean Giving You All the Answers

 August 19, 2020

By  Jonathan Biles

Solomon really knows how to hit hard! Do you lean on God to direct your paths or give you solutions? Directing may not be what you think. Jess and I have been in a few plays over the past decade with Pullman Civic Theatre. We’ve both experienced two different types of directors. There are this who have the image in their head of what a scene should look like and instruct the actors to paint that scene. Then there are those that have an idea of the message and emotion of a scene and give the actors the freedom to explore their talents to direct the scene.

In either case, the play is on, but which way would you prefer your life to be directed?

Direct your path, choose with experiences

For one reason or another, I often times found myself asking God for wisdom when I would pray. In my immature brain, I was actually looking for easy answers. Well in Proverbs, Solomon contradicts that line of thinking. In chapter 3, he says that we are to trust him, lean not on our own understanding, and acknowledge him. The promise that comes next is not that we will have all the solutions handed to us, but that our path will be directed.

So what does this really mean. In a series of sermons almost 1 year ago, I finally had the light bulb turned on. God directs our path, but doesn’t tell us to specifically follow that path. He leaves that up to us. If the path turns right, we must use our life experiences that he provided and keep our eyes on him. Only then can we see where that path is headed.

Real life application

Over two years ago, my path began to shift in another direction. At the time my focus was on career and money. While my path began to change, all I could see was uphill challenges. Finally, one day I got the smack on the back of the head via a snowstorm I needed. Like a bolt of lightening my eyes opened wide and I could see the path turning. With the support of my wife, I made the right turn and completely changed everything.

Am I suggesting you uproot your life and change your career? No, absolutely not. But whatI am saying is that we need to keep our eyes open. As men, we like to put our heads down and fight through the storm. But if we keep our eyes on God through reading his word and prayer, we will see the path diverge and make the right choices.

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