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Dating for Business – Not a Bad Idea

 July 12, 2020

By  Jonathan Biles

Sinek hit the nail on the head with this next section. Without a doubt it is my favorite section as it likens every day business practices to dating. If you have read How to Win Friends and Influence People by Dale Carnegie, then this chapter will sound very familiar to you.

The basic concept, surprisingly enough, is in business, much like dating, we can either talk about our What, or our Why. Many people in the dating scene, start the conversation with how much money they make, what they do for a living, and how they can provide for their future mate. The successful daters, however, focus on who they are deep down. In other words, their Why.

Dating your client

Sales is often referred to as a courtship. In a sense, I can see how people will see this correlation. However, it is how people finish that statement that is the problem. See most sales people see the dating aspect correctly, but lose sight on the end goal. Many businesses look at the end goal as acquiring the client, but what if the journey doesn’t stop there?

Dating is only the beginning of truly taking care of your clients. Just because they have signed on the dotted line, doesn’t mean the journey is over. Now, if you sold the client on your What or How, then the opposite is true. The relationship is over when the product is delivered. However, win them with your Why and they will keep coming back for your What.

Real life application

The real life application of this concept is actually more simple than it sounds. If you are reading this book along with me, then I am sure you have been inspired to find your Why. Assuming you have done that, then the next step is how to convey that in an introduction. For your help, I have come up with one for myself. I hope it helps.

“Nothing makes my day better and smile more than helping people through their everyday life. My skill is in the written word, so I let my heart bleed on the page every time I write hoping someone is inspired or changed.”

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