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Culture Attracts Like-Minded Happy People

 July 16, 2020

By  Jonathan Biles

What kind of car do you drive? Have you ever thought about why you bought that car? I mean the real Why. Maybe it is culture related. Culture drives much of our normal daily behavior whether we believe it or not. Most of the time when we talk about culture, we think about other countries.

The United States, for example, we have ingrained in our culture the idea of “The American Dream.” This idea drives much of our entrepreneur behavior. Sinek shows compares that to the French culture. The French practice a philosophy of joie de vivre (The joy of life). It is no wonder when we think about the French people, we think of food and a relaxing lifestyle.

What is your life culture?

Our day to day life is no different from the vast culture we choose to follow. Many of our decisions are made based on the culture we find ourselves involved with. Ever wonder why when you buy a car that all of a sudden you notice others driving the same vehicle? As a species, we are drawn to like-minded individuals. Sinek says that this is what truly separates man from the animals. We have the ability to seek and become a part of people who think like we think.

He further explains that this is why it is so important to establish a culture that is based on our Why. Our culture will attract people who want to be a part of the culture you created. If we create one that has nothing to do with our Why, then we will attract the wrong type of people. Have you ever worked for a company that based their culture on sales or success? Let me tell you, those companies are full of driven, but result orientated people. Not my kind of crowd, but it might be yours.

Real life application

Whether you are leading your family or creating a business of your own, getting your why and your culture lined up is absolutely necessary. I will use my company as an example. At CCSE, our Why is to help small business owners overcome challenges in their business. In order to drive our culture, we talk more about who and how we are helping rather than how much that client may bring our company money. This focus allows all of our consultants to keep focused on achieving our Why. Further, they are not penalized for not bringing in the large paying clients.

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