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Closing Out Finding Your Why

 July 13, 2020

By  Jonathan Biles

The title of this book is Start With Why, not finding your why, so it is only natural that Sinek has to put a closing on finding your why and move on. But before we take the next step to knowing what we are supposed to do with our Why, let’s discuss how we even know we found our Why.

I know you have felt it before. Whether it is with the potential new mate you see across the room, or even as simple as what to eat for your next meal. We all experience this feeling deep down that helps us make decisions. The only problem is that it is hard to explain.

Before closing out, trust your gut

Most of the time we refer to this feeling as our gut. In reality, our brain has made a decision based on your pure Why. For the most successful entrepreneurs and business men, even they struggle with putting this emotion into words. What we typically here is that they can’t explain it, they just trusted their gut.

One key point that Sinek makes is that your gut will often defy logic. Closing off your logical mind and listening to your gut can often lead you to success far beyond your daily thought. Books like Think and Grow Rich capitalize on this exact concept. It is not that you train your gut, but you finally trust it and attempt to rationalize it through logic. That is the magic spell right there. Having the understanding and belief in your gut that you can also rationalize its voice.

Real life application

Easier said than done, right? Actually, not really. Trusting your gut does not have to be this dramatic leap of faith. Start simple and small. I know it sounds funny, but start with your next meal. Then upgrade to a more complicated decision. What to read next or what to journal about. If you struggle with self doubt, this is a phenomenal way to build up your courage and proof that you are worthy of believing in.

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