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Clarity Comes Before Communicating

 July 6, 2020

By  Jonathan Biles

Raise your hand if communicating the clarity of your message to a group of co-workers is often the most challenging part of leading a team. Yes, my hand is raised. I cannot tell you the load of frustration that consumed my mind when I would sit in a meeting with very intelligent people, but still not be able to express the reason they should care.

Getting a message across to people is one of the most challenging, but most important parts of leading, or being a part of, a team. The problem I faced most of my life is that my focus for clarity was always what we were going to accomplish instead of focusing on why we need to succeed.

Why is the clarity of why so important

Have you ever had a leader that motivated you to accomplish something you previously thought impossible? What about a time where you have seen a leader fail to motivate their audience to do the same? I promise you both of those leaders have made 2 different choices when it comes to their motivational tactics.

The successful leader requires a clear understanding of why a team is accomplishing a project. Regardless of what that project is, if the team doesn’t believe in why they are working, then nothing will be accomplished in the long term. I know what you’re thinking. We have all done things that we didn’t understand why we were doing them. Look back on those situations and ask yourself if they were truly successful, or were they just completed?

Real life application

Understanding why we do what we do is not only important in the success of a project, but it helps us put our best foot forward. I don’t write my blog posts simply to get a blog post out there, but I write because I want to inspire men, Christians, and entrepreneurs through three different blogs to become better versions of themselves. Without knowing that why, my motivation lacks and I fall off my purpose almost every day.

To start to the path of clarity in your why, ask yourself the following question and write it down in a place you can see it everyday. “What is my purpose for getting up today?”

When you answer that question, ask it again and again until you are able to come up with a reason that is fool proof. For example, if your answer is to make money for your family, then that is a great start, but why do you care about making money? Why do you work where you work? Are you clear that the root purpose of your what is how you answered the question.

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