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Chicken or the Egg – Know What Comes First

 July 10, 2020

By  Jonathan Biles

Just like the ‘ole chicken and the egg conundrum, knowing the order of your Why, How, and What can get confusing, but it is constantly a vital component. In the previous three posts, we took a surface look at the Why, How, and What, but let’s look at this chicken a little closer.

To put it simply, your What is the product or service you offer. The How is simply the method you distribute your product. Lastly, your Why is the tingly feeling you get in your gut when you talk about your passion. Your Why is not the fact that you raise chickens, but because you want to teach your children the value of hard work.

When do I look at the Why?

There are three times in your business that you should look at your Why. First, before you start on any venture or start a new project. Knowing your Why should guide every decision you make. Secondly, as you make decisions in the midst of your challenges, keep your Why in the forefront of your mind. Killing a chicken because it stops producing eggs may be a great financial decision, but does it lend to teaching the kids about entrepreneurship? The answer is yes depending on how you spin it. Lastly, keep the Why as part of your conversation when evaluating the outcomes of your project.

If you are reading the book with me, then you will know that the case studies of businesses who focused on their Why versus not, are dramatically different. My favorite story is about Southwest and their competition with the bus industry. Keeping our Why in focus will ensure that we don’t make decision contrary to our true purpose. Trust me, your clients can tell the difference.

Real life application

Interestingly enough, this is easier than it all sounds. Once you discover your Why, write it down and keep it with you. Then, when you are faced with a decision, read your Why again. Does your solution align with your Why? To keep the theme of chicken raising, it is real easy to lose sight of teaching our kids about responsibility and just want to make money.

Are you reading along with me? I would love to know. Send me a message and we can discuss the chapters further as we go down this journey of discovery.

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