Breaking Habits and Routine is Incredibly Difficult

 July 12, 2020

By  Jonathan Biles

I haven’t worked in a 9-5, Monday through Friday job in a year and a half, but breaking my mind and body of the weekday versus weekend mentality is challenging! Before you start recommending books on how to break habits, I have a great one about creating habits, but that is not what this post is about.

Today, I am talking about making change despite the blurry vision you may have with your future. When I left SEL, the future was certainly blurry. But there was something in the pit of my stomach, gut if you will, that drove me to action. The only thing I knew was that I was headed in the right direction. Certainly scary times

Do I really need to focus on breaking things?

It would be an easy cop-out for me to say that I had no direction. Sure, I said the future was blurry, but did I have direction? My daily routine was quite simple before I left. I woke up. On good days I would read, pray, exercise, get the kids off to school, and then go to work. The goal to get to work directed my focus. I had a certain time to get there and I was accountable to my boss.

But now, I am my boss. Without focus, breaking my habitual morning routine was difficult. For months, I kept the same routine, but when it was time to go to work, I had nowhere to go. It took me way to long than I wanted to, but I finally realized that breaking my habits was absolutely necessary to trigger my new freedom and responsibility.

How do I know what to do next?

In full openness answering that question took at least a year to figure out. It wasn’t until my beautiful wife Jessica inspired me with her morning routine did I finally find the breaking point to push me to a new routine and trigger method.

While I am still working on the perfect routine, if that even exists, I found that I don’t need a future in perfect focus to move forward in the right direction. There are two things that keep me on my path. First, have a morning routine that feeds my soul and my creativity. Second, when that routine is finished, launch in a task that supports my purpose that is burning in my soul. For me I write. What do you do? What is your purpose? Do you have a purpose? I would love to help you on your journey, just send me a message and we will connect.

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Jonathan Biles

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