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Birth Stories are not all Alike!

 March 9, 2021

By  Jonathan Biles

My birth was not this dramatic!

You’ll have to ask my mother, but I am pretty sure the birth story in Matthew 1:19 – 2:18 is a little more dramatic than the story that unfolds after my first breath. I am sure the moment was special to my parents, and I certainly appreciate being born, but it most certainly didn’t involve a virgin, a donkey, supernatural intervention, and day after day on an uncomfortable journey.

During my terrible twos, my parents mostly stressed about how I drive them crazy. I am sure at times they questioned my presence, but Mary and Joseph didn’t have that luxury. Being that they were both Jewish, I must assume they know the prophecies surrounding their unborn child. Oh, and I don’t want to forget to mention that they were visited by angels! Yeah, no big deal.

So why so dramatic?

I see it in Emily these days. The more she learns about Jesus’ birth story and understands the world she lives in, the more she is appalled and amazed at this simple story. This story is the topic of conversation each morning as Emily makes her way through Matthew. I spoke to eyes-wide-open this morning as I explained Herod’s behavior.

What I have a tendency to forget is that Herod knew about the prophecies of a new King to rule Jerusalem. Hundreds of years have passed since the writing of that prophecy, so I seriously doubt Herod kept it on the top of his mind. Many kings have come and gone since this prophecy. That is until one bad day for Herod when he learned that this prophecy was going to be filled.

Fear rules Herod’s heart as he barks orders to the wisemen, and then later to his subjects. With a facade of wonder, Herod’s fearful heart drove him to murder. Today this makes sense. Jesus’ birth marked the beginning of his people living under grace and not the Law. Satan himself knows this marks the beginning of the end.

His birth generates some sort of emotion

As a parent, I know that with the birth of each child comes a little bit of fear. But what we do with that fear means everything. We could cower and fold to fear and as a result destroy our child’s life, but what if we used that fear to guide our decisions and not overtake them.

In a world of helicopter parenting, this idea can be a little scary itself. I lost track of the looks from judging parents as my kids learned lessons of safety on the playground. If there is one thing I want you to take from this post is that fear is not a negative emotion. Fear is an emotion that points to an insecurity in our life. It is the decision on what to do with that insecurity that will define your future.

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